Hades In Arcadia

Edging along a sidewalk suburb
In the shadow of a silent city
Wild, hungry dogs, following, quietly
No sound that matches vision
No sight that matches feeling
Numb fingers, aching bones
Torn and dirty rags for clothes
You are filthy, you are ailing
The atmosphere thick and burning
Leather carcasses stacked like mountains
All is not lost
You have this moment

Lying still on lightened stone
Amidst aromatic pines and aspen
At the edge of an open valley
Clouds drifting, roaming like
Dissolving wisps of cotton
Summer winds telling tales
In squals of fluttering leaves
Relatives wait patiently
With food and drink and smiles

Keep your eyes shut tight
Keep them closed
And you'll be fine



Copyright 2011 Schuyler Hupp All Rights Reserved