Sraight Up, Then Waiting...

This is the in between, beyond indiscreet
And how do you feel about nothing?
Where is the fear in dishonesty?
Can questions be real without inflection?
We're all stuck on the line, caught in the river flowing
Ten billion people breathing
No conscious decisions are ever made
With no free will we've lost everything
Suffocating in delusions of sanity
The water of life sifting through bent fingers
Heads like trees, feet like roots on the under side of another earth
Purest emotion trickling down foreheads of mystery
Scents of innocence spent on translucent ideologies
Old information, just deferring death to another day
Contritions due our self indulgence
Open blood flowing, hot to cold
Splitting migraine, from symbols to pain
Casting spells, chopfallen
Economic chills
Throwing stones straight up
Then waiting...



Copyright 2008 Schuyler Hupp All Rights Reserved